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Get lost in the lashes from our Dream Lash Kit! We’ve got your summer looks covered with the full Summer Dream collection. Spend your breezy days by the pool in Miss California, our light and wispy lash, and your steamy tropical tiki bar nights in the lush. There’s a lash here for every summer event. And, even better, they’re made with 100% vegan silk fibers and totally sweat-proof and water resistant, thanks to our new Hi-Res Lash Technology. You’ll love the whole collection that’s basically summer-proof!

Our All Natural Best Sellers Kit Includes:

  • 5 x Glow Lash
  • 1 x Black Magnetic Liner

Key Features:

  • All lashes in this bundle are made from 100% premium mink
  • Good for up to 60 uses if properly cared for
  • Comes with a special magnetic case for safe-keeping


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Give your natural lash looks a subtle hint of sophistication with our most universal style, Dream Lash Kit. Use to bring on a pop of glamour to any makeup look.

Lash Application Tips:

  • Cut magnetic lash down to fit eye width. Apply magnetic liner on lash liner where lashes will adhere
  • Adhere lashes to magnetic liner. Press lashes down onto magnetic liner on lash line to ensure magnets make a connection
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with oil-based makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Use makeup remover to clean off remnants, if any. Do not wet the magnetic lashes.

Magnetic Liner Application Tips:

  • Shake before each use. Glide brush tip along the lash line, making an even line as thick as the lash magnets. For optimal results, apply Glow lashes onto liner once 80% dry.
  • To remove the Glow Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner, use an oil-based makeup remover.


  • Perform patch test prior to application to ensure no allergies to this product. In case of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with clean water. If irritation or redness persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Only use as directed. If you have a pre-existing eye condition consult a physician before use.

111 reviews for Dream Lash Kit

  1. Alfonso Villapol

    Country: ES

    Ha tardado bastante pero tienen muy buena pinta. Deseando utilizarlas

  2. Alpha Um

    Country: FR

    The best false eyelashes. The packaging is beautiful, the false eyelash is hung with magnetism in the box so easy to remove from the box, it sticks directly, very happy. 🙂

  3. Gianmaria De Sario

    Country: US

    Fantastic! These are lovey and work very well. The ends like to move a little bit, just make sure to use enough eyeliner & hold the ends in place to get them to stick. The look fantastic and took no time to get them applied. So much better than glue!! And they remove easily so taking them off was no problem. Very Happy :):):) !!!!

  4. Mahi Reid

    Country: UA

    Eyelashes are cool, but for me a little long, did not guess with the size. On the photo look less than in reality, but for the evening makeup is good

  5. Speranzio Bartolone

    Country: PL

    Good quality product, shipping three weeks to Poland, the seller included one eyelash as a gift highly recommend this nice and responsible seller ☺️☺️

  6. Lluciano Marcos

    Country: FR

    I tried several on ali it’s the only ones that hold all day

  7. Andrea Xiong

    Country: ES

    ha tardado un poco, pero como están las cosas no me preocupa

  8. Durante Sciara

    Country: ES

    Perfect but it takes time to arrive. This model is very cool, you blink but it doesn’t pass

  9. Isadora Heer

    Country: LT

    Nice package. The lashes look like high-quality ones. Haven’t tried to use them yet.

  10. Susann Masson

    Country: ES

    I got a little late but it was worth it

  11. Joseph Garreau

    Country: CL

    The lashes are good quality, and the set looks elegant.

  12. Coleen Dragon

    Country: DK

    Received in good condition. Not tried yet but looks like described.

  13. Germain Beaumont

    Country: US

    so far everything is great I received them in 2 weeks or so ill do an update with them later

  14. Franchesca Schwebach

    Country: LV

    The lashes are perfect, the size and all is very good.

  15. Iside Casaletto

    Country: FR

    I am delighted with my purchase… Very natural I recommend

  16. Alisa Watts

    Country: CA

    Amazing! Just make sure you put eye primer on beforehand and have a good eye makeup remover

  17. Gage Edmonds

    Country: NL

    The shortest chosen out there but seem still on spinnenpoten. Sorry not they look more natural. Called works the magnetic genuine and they are pretty easy to put.

  18. Verline Cordon

    Country: RO

    Very fast delivery! In only 2 weeks i gat my parcel.
    Eyelashes are beautiful, but eyeliner are bit sticky, need time to dry.
    I am very satisfied. Recomand seller.

  19. Jannette Wilmes

    Country: ES

    muy bonitas pero las q eleji demasiado exageradas

  20. Shante Dezern

    Country: ES

    Perfect. I loved them and I ‘ve been tooooodo one day with them on and they haven’t fallen at all, the eyerline perfect and non-dry wine as it happened to Me other times I strongly recommend this product.

  21. Sarina Santos

    Country: PT

    The product is wonderful. Never had used false eyelashes, coluquei at first and were absolutely wonderful. Recommend

  22. Valtena Amodei

    Country: CL

    Sensacional, segunda vez que compro, llega muy rápido y quedan hermosas

  23. Finn Junkermann

    Country: IN

    Fantastic seller and great product! Highly recommend the seller: very responsible and reliable! Love always!

  24. Roderick Roth

    Country: ES

    Such as, it’s taken a lot of isimooo but well, it’s come well

  25. Winston Hyde

    Country: CA

    Fast delivery, details add later

  26. Starr Lheureux

    Country: ES

    They work very well, I tried them just to get there and I really liked them.
    They are simple to put and unpleasantly is to endure all day.
    The only thing for me is a little long but seeing as how it works I’ll take others a little shorter.

  27. Miriam Perry

    Country: GR

    it’s value for money. It works, if you put the eye liner properly. It’s delivered really quick and in perfect condition by courier. I’m very satisfied!

  28. Kawano Tanyu

    Country: CL

    Envío rápido, llegó en 2 semanas. Buena presentación del producto. Gracias vendedor.

  29. Fukumoto Shusake

    Country: ES

    It’s come to Me well but I haven’t tried the product yet.

  30. Graham Rankin

    Country: US

    The package is great and the eye liner doesn’t irritate me at all. The lashes look quality – I just need lots more practice! Never used fake lashes before and for a beginner these are a good start. Shipping was amazingly fast to Australia.

  31. Oscar Álvarez

    Country: FR

    The product is as described. Magnetic Lashes works well, light, easy to use. I like it!

  32. Liberatore Accordino

    Country: BE

    Even better than on the description
    Thank you very much impeccable
    Very happy with my purchase

  33. Fritz Filippi

    Country: ES

    I still have to try them out, but it looks ugly.

  34. Patty Balser

    Country: CA

    These are pretty cool but I suck at doing makeup so I am not sure how to use them. They look great though.

  35. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Country: CH

    thank you so much.I am pleased with the purchase.

  36. Niam Mullins

    Country: ES

    They are the same though very long hehehe

  37. Laurie M. (store manager)

    I love Everything about these lashes

  38. Nikki A. (store manager)

    Gift for my daughter. She loves them!

  39. Isaiah F (store manager)

    Loved them but had some issues with the liner I received with them but overall satisfied

  40. Munkhzaya B. (store manager)

    This all natural baby lashes are so great. It was my first time trying on glow magnetic lashes. I love how they look on my small Asian eyes. Livin is my Most favorite flashes.

  41. Angela M. (store manager)

    My eyes was very comfortable the length was good

  42. Linda T (store manager)

    The product is incredibly easy to use. However, just make sure the eyeliner is not clumpy. I requested a new one and got it in the mail. Hopefully it won’t get clumpy either.

  43. Danielle R. (store manager)

    I absolutely love the lashes! They were light and application was easy!

  44. Aubrie S (store manager)

    I barely wear makeup and I’m not fussy. These were so easy and I get a ton of compliments!

  45. Gina C. (store manager)

    Effortless! Love them and will definitely be purchasing again. Received many compliments and had people purchase based on their appearance. Easy application and removal. Made my eyes feel beautiful.

  46. Madison B (store manager)

    Works really well. I was pleasantly surprised by this product.

  47. Jacqueline H. (store manager)

    Awesome product!!

  48. Audrey C. (store manager)

    Work as advertised

  49. Ann C (store manager)

    Love it very easy to use
    Love how it doesn’t jus come off

  50. Carrie J. (store manager)

    They are a wonderful product

  51. Christine I (store manager)

    I love these lashes very quick preparation in just a snap.. beauty in seconds.. will really recommend to my friends..

  52. Diana C. (store manager)

    The length is amazing for work or to interview, its professional yet sexy.

  53. Leslie Z. (store manager)

    Love the ease of applying these lashes and the look great ????????

  54. Alexandra P. (store manager)

    So easy to use !!

  55. Ileana C. (store manager)

    Best lashes you could ever buy. The appearance is exactly like the picture they are extremely soft and look super natural and the length it’s just perfect.

  56. April H (store manager)

    These lashes are perfect! So easy to apply! I get so many compliments every day that I wear them. I wear the Livin’ for my everyday look at work and they are the perfect length. I’m glad I finally got these after much debate!

  57. Emma I. (store manager)

    For someone who doesn’t EVER wear lashes, it was super easy to put on. I think my favorite so far is Love. It’s super natural and not as long but it still gives my eyes a nice pop.

  58. Amanda C. (store manager)

    I purchased these for my mom since it does get a little annoying when she would ask me to put her lashes on everyday… now that she has these babies she has been putting them on her self. Thank you glow!

  59. La H. (store manager)

    I love my eyelashes they were very easy to apply and will stay on until I take them off.

  60. Cheryl C. (store manager)

    I really liked the lashes, I like that they come with anchors so that they are easy to hold on to the lash. The liner is a bit goopy and hard to use as it gets on your natural lashes. I think that I will buy the felt tip and that will work a lot better

  61. Vanessa W. (store manager)

    amazing, love these lashes.
    easy to apply, and they stay on!

  62. Tenneka B. (store manager)

    They’re easy-to-use and very natural looking. I love them!

  63. Sue K (store manager)

    Absolutely love my lashes

  64. Josie C. (store manager)

    My eyelids are small so it took some adjusting too but I like them because they are super easy to apply and give you that flair your looking for and very natural!

  65. Hayde G. (store manager)


  66. Tondayala C. (store manager)

    Love for wear everyday use. Love how is easily applied. The only thing is that after I order the next day there always good promotion that I missed.

  67. Rolandra G (store manager)

    I purchased the lashes after my coworker showed me hers and how easy they were to apply and this is a genius move for lashes. I never wore them because I couldn’t do the strips but since this purchased it’s very easy and light weight.. I’m looking forward to my next purchase

  68. Shannon J. (store manager)

    The bundle was perfect. I loved my lashes, they stayed on the entire day. Best decision I made by purchasing Glow.

  69. Kaitlyn J (store manager)

    The bundle was great! All three styles looked amazing on, and they are very easy to apply! The results are awesome. I have told all of my friends about purchasing lashes from here because of how much I loved them!

  70. Victoria G. (store manager)

    Love, love, love my lashes!!! After a little practice, I became a master at applying them. There are options for every occasion which I love! My biggest concern was removing them but to my pleasant surprise it was so easy!!! Buy these lashes!!! You won’t regret it ????

  71. Cyndi L (store manager)

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record and similar to the other reviews, but I was also very skeptical at first especially because my eye folds are not defined and just wrinkly which always gives me trouble when putting on lashes. Glow really works and is the easiest thing ever – never going back to using glue!

  72. Erinn Y. (store manager)

    They work! Very happy with them

  73. IIyana W. (store manager)

    Love them!

  74. Karisa S. (store manager)

    I’m loving these lashes!!

  75. Laura L (store manager)

    Love the lashes. Anchors are a must..i like that you can take them off each day and wash your face.

  76. Cilan O (store manager)

    Product is amazing but shipping sucks but definitely was worth the wait.

  77. Yory F (store manager)

    Love them. It’s very easy to apply. Looks natural and beautiful. It’s my first time to use them and I thought I’ll be looking weird but it was very natural and fits me.
    Thank you!

  78. Vivi L (store manager)

    Really like the all Natural set I ordered. I also think the boxes are super cute with the the sayings. The magnetic eye liner is pretty easy to use after you experiment with it. Im definitely gonna order more in the future. Thanks

  79. Leilani J. (store manager)

    Love love love these lashes. I’ve recieved soooo many compliments. I’ve even given out the website when asked where I got them from.

  80. Magdalena C (store manager)

    This is the perfect starter set for anyone seeking to try out Glow. I love how natural each of these look.

  81. Molly G. (store manager)

    The lashes are beautiful I get so many compliments. My only complaint is the eyeliner it drys so quickly and is sticky which makes for difficult application but that being said the hold is amazing.

  82. Chanell B. (store manager)

    Absolutely love these lashes! Easy to use and they stay on all day! I’ve tried another brand as well and they don’t even come close to comparing and we’re more expensive. I am a glow fan and will continue buying these without a doubt! Try them and I can promise you’ll be so grateful you did!

  83. M G. (store manager)

    Easy to use. Secure. Good quality.

  84. Kim J. (store manager)

    Love these they dont look super fake easy to put on and take off i get tons of compliments

  85. Magdalena C. (store manager)

    I’m so in ❤️ With my lashes! I’ve never been able to wear them because I can’t seem to work the glue but these go on so quick and easy and the hold is top notch!! I’m a forever client ❤️

  86. Sharon D (store manager)

    Love that this set was a deal with a couple of natural lashes and one that’s more dramatic.

  87. Bipita B (store manager)

    Love them for the lighter eye look

  88. Laura Z. (store manager)

    Best lashes ever used .. super easy .. loving it ❤️❤️

  89. Kirsten B. (store manager)

    I like the lashes a lot and they are fast to apply

  90. Christine F. (store manager)

    Love my new eyelashes. So beautiful and easy to wear. My daughter keeps borrowing them. Better than lash extensions. Thank you

  91. Yvette L. (store manager)

    For daily wear (that you want to put on/take off), better and easier than the usual glue and strip. My lashes got a bit distorted in shape after a few uses, despite care and putting them away in their boxes (and brushing too).

  92. Rebecca R. (store manager)


  93. Patricia M. (store manager)

    The best thing ever…magnetic eyeliner and lashes! My life is sooo much better.

  94. Merri B. (store manager)

    The hold is unbelievable, I get so many compliments on my eyes now! Shipping was so fast!!!

  95. Julia B. (store manager)

    They hold very well!
    I’m not normally one that wears false lashes (I’ve always disliked how normal glue on lashes would lift on the edges by the end of the day) but these stay put!
    Im very happy that I decided to give these a chance!

  96. Laura Q. (store manager)

    I love how natural they really do look .. only one of the three was noticeably fake and it was just the right amount to where I didn’t feel like I was trying too hard.. plus I can’t tell you the difference it made for someone who has been wearing a mask to work.. this made me feel pretty and safe!! Thank you

  97. Mary C. (store manager)

    I am hooked!

  98. Lucy T. (store manager)

    Great product… easy to apply after a few tries but very natural looking. My daughter’s both get eye lashes put on which cost alot and takes forever. They both like mine and they may switch to mine. Great variety in one package for the price.

  99. Marie C. (store manager)

    Easy to apply. Love the look and so did my partner!!

  100. bayasgalan.nomin0629 (store manager)

    These lashes are awesome! They stay on all day and don’t move. I can wear liner or just use the lash anchors to hold them on without the liner. I like them so much I’ve got five sets.

  101. MMolly H (store manager)

    Got these as a gift, so great as I am really sensitive to lash glue, and also have v hooded eyes so most commercial lashes look far too heavy and take over my face. The fact that there are more natural options is fantastic!

  102. Marie C. (store manager)

    good service and lashes fit and work great, will buy more thanks

  103. Tara J. (store manager)

    Love it.

  104. Claudia L. (store manager)

    Very natural, super easy application. Perfect length and great variety for everyday!

  105. Camilla G (store manager)

    They really are easy to use. Probably want to let the eyeliner dry completely before sticking on!

  106. Ashley N. (store manager)

    I get so many compliments on my lashes. I tell people it takes me just as long to just put mascara on so why not? I’m hooked on glow lashes! They aren’t heavy or irritating. I had never worn any false lashes before either!

  107. Vanessa F. (store manager)

    They are absolutely everything and so easy to put on I love them!

  108. Xuan J. (store manager)

    Love the customer service! I didn’t get my product due to COVID and the difficulties shipping internationally, but the customer service responded so promptly and refunded me immediately. I would definitely recommend this company and purchase from them when things are getting a bit better!

  109. Guadalupe B. (store manager)

    Love them

  110. Courtney R. (store manager)

    I love all the lashes and I love the liner salsa. I’ll never shop with another company.

  111. Lanise R. (store manager)

    I love my lashes!!!!! Got two Virgo’s by mistake and was taken care! Will be making a purchase again again and again!

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