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Small and silk, the 10 Magnet Glow Kit is the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a natural look. A comfortable and contoured fit that’s strong enough for all-day wear. Ideal for smaller eyes looking to add subtle volume.

Our All Natural Best Sellers Kit Includes:

  • 3 x Glow Lash
  • 1 x Black Magnetic Liner

Key Features:

  • All lashes in this bundle are made from 100% premium mink
  • Good for up to 60 uses if properly cared for
  • Comes with a special magnetic case for safe-keeping


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Give your natural lash looks a subtle hint of sophistication with our most universal style, Glow Lash. Use to bring on a pop of glamour to any makeup look.

Lash Application Tips:

  • Cut magnetic lash down to fit eye width. Apply magnetic liner on lash liner where lashes will adhere
  • Adhere lashes to magnetic liner. Press lashes down onto magnetic liner on lash line to ensure magnets make a connection
  • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with oil-based makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Use makeup remover to clean off remnants, if any. Do not wet the magnetic lashes.

Magnetic Liner Application Tips:

  • Shake before each use. Glide brush tip along the lash line, making an even line as thick as the lash magnets. For optimal results, apply Glow lashes onto liner once 80% dry.
  • To remove the Glow Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner, use an oil-based makeup remover.


  • Perform patch test prior to application to ensure no allergies to this product. In case of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with clean water. If irritation or redness persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Only use as directed. If you have a pre-existing eye condition consult a physician before use.

53 reviews for Glow Kit ***

  1. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Country: US

    I love it

  2. Alfonso Villapol

    Country: UA

    Good product. These lashes are very suitable for my eyes, and also very suitable for daily use, and are faster to put and remove. Overall, I’m satisfied.

  3. Craig Piro

    Country: FR

    Beautiful! It works very well lasts all day.

  4. Iside Casaletto

    Country: FR

    Was shipped very quickly, waited less than A month to receive. The eyeliner connects the eyelashes and keeps them in place. As described. I highly recommend.

  5. Branda Goshorn

    Country: US

    Beautiful soft lightweight lashes. The liner is so good. It does not irritate my eye lid like other brands. Lashes hold tight. I’m in love. Will order more. I took 001 mixing pack. I’m wearing 063

  6. Cassey Odle

    Country: US

    I love it

  7. Samantha (store manager)

    Amazing lashes I love how you can cut into manageable size to fit the eyes as well as the fact that the magnet is stupidly strong. So far this is an amazing product.

  8. Stephanie V (store manager)

    I’m AMAZED!I have always had trouble with putting on lashes because the glue either wouldn’t stick and it would be super messy, and it would be hard especially because I have somewhat hooded eyes. I ordered Glow Lashes and they changed everything for me. I’m truly amazed and I LOVE love love these lashes! I definitely recommend anyone to try Glow

  9. Joanna E (store manager)

    I really fell in love with these lashes. Have really delicate eyes and ive always had trouble puting on fake lashes my self this is as easy as 1…2….3 so fun and simple and just as easy eith no hassle to remove. I will be definately be purchasing some more of these awsome products . I feel fabulous wearing my lashes.

  10. Olivia S. (store manager)

    Definitely recommend! So much easier than lash glue and the lashes look so real and beautiful! I will never buy lash glue again! Only glow!

  11. Dolores R (store manager)

    I bought this just to try it out, because i saw it everywhere and thought “no way this works” and it actually blew my mind, the lashes works just like you see online and all you need is a bit of thr glow eyeliner. ALSO these lashes are so gorgeous and the perfect way to spice up a look 🙂

  12. Areanna S (store manager)

    Love these! They are so easy to apply and stay on well. The lashes are so beautiful. Will update my review after I wear them the entire today tomorrow!

  13. Janelle H (store manager)

    My girlfriend loves them but she says the eyeliner is hard to put on because the brush gets lumpy product on it. She doesn’t like the eyeliner, she wants to tried the pen eyeliner.

  14. Karen N. (store manager)

    These lashes are worth the money! They last all day and they are so easy to apply.. they don’t irritate my eyes like normal lashes due. Buy them! They are so worth it I promise! 🙂 thank you glow team!!

  15. Tina W. (store manager)

    I love these lashes! I’ve only worn the love lash so far but I can barely feel them. I got the gel liner and I noticed that it kind of wears off faster than most of my other eyeliners but I was applying over my other makeup for a night out so I’m going to try them when it’s the only eyeliner. But it’s great. I love that there’s no glue required!

  16. AAllison S (store manager)

    I’m rarely wear eyes lashes but the first time use Glow I love how easy it is!!!! Highly recommend

  17. Tina W (store manager)

    Best I’ve tried so far. Weightless.

  18. Sheryl G (store manager)

    I’m 61 years old and didn’t think I had it in me to wear lashes again. Tried these and I love it! The lashes go on so easy if you have a little shake in your hands. I was surprised at how easy the liner went on also!

  19. Sarah L (store manager)

    I purchased the natural set since I’m a eyelash beginner and I absolutely love them! They are beautiful and very easy to use. They are the perfect length for all occasions and make my eyes pop!

  20. Ronda S. (store manager)

    Extremely easy to put on, just a suggestion for oily skin types as usual, recommend putting on some primer before applying the glow eyeliner!

  21. Sonia R (store manager)

    Very pretty eyelashes that look real, but they are basically CEMENTED on your face. Two of the magnet squares ripped off and stayed on my face while trying to remove the lashes. The eyeliner took 3 days of scrubbing to fully remove. Other than that, if you’re tryna look fly in a hurricane, these are for you

  22. Jeannie C. (store manager)

    I TOTALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE LASHES AND MY EYELINER HAS NOT DRIED UP YET LIKE THE OTHER BRANDS DO . I love the natural look and how they are not so FULL very natural looking to the eye . ❤️

  23. Thi L. (store manager)

    I’m a beginner when it comes to lashes. Livin is the perfect size and length as far as ease. It’s so easy, others compliment them thinking they are real.

  24. Catherine L (store manager)

    Never thought I would be able to rock out lashes until I purchased these beauties!!!! Now I can apply them easily and with confidence… they are so simple!! You must try them for yourself!

  25. Meredith H (store manager)

    I love these lashes definitely a game change.. In the photo I am wearing luxe. Will be purchasing more in the future

  26. Calandra C. (store manager)

    The best! So easy and so pretty once on. I was able to get smaller lashes and they felt completely natural for me. Great price and great product!

  27. Yi S (store manager)

    Very easy to apply. Took some time to arrive but im very happy with them. They even stay on while riding a motor bike fast!!!

  28. Jody L (store manager)

    These lashes saved me, I couldn’t get the hang of gluing lashes on. Glow makes it so easy, and simple that I’m able to wear lashes everyday for the rest of my life. ????????????

  29. Maria C. (store manager)

    I’ve tried a few and none of them have made it pass the bathroom mirror! However these lasted pass the heat of grilling, pass the shots afterwards, and even made it to bedtime. My only issue is with me buying a bundle deal they should give you 2 liners instead of 1.

  30. Mary D. (store manager)

    Quality is great. This kit is similar to the extensions I used to wear. They feel natural and light compared to the other more dramatic looking lashes. Plus this kit gives you a lash set for each occasion. I’m new to this brand but I’m sure glad I came across them!

  31. Tania S (store manager)

    I love them and would recommend too all the who never thought they could where lashes.

  32. Muna C (store manager)

    The application process is even easier than you expect it to be, and the lashes are gorgeous!

  33. Adrienne P (store manager)

    Love them!

  34. Heather C (store manager)

    Love this product

  35. Adrienne P. (store manager)

    So easy to apply. The eyeliner came clumpy and dry but they sent me a new one right away. Def need a thick layer of eyeliner for it to stay on longer.

  36. Mona (store manager)

    Love them. They are soooooo easy to apply and put on.

  37. Laquina S. (store manager)

    I love them! They are a (mostly) natural looking lash that really does make my eyes look amazing. I love using them with a softer makeup look, but they are super versatile! Probably my best lash purchase yet! I would be careful of the length on the longer ones as wearing glasses is a bit tough – but that’s to be expected!

  38. Makenzie M. (store manager)

    They all look so natural, you can’t tell are magnetic eyelashes

  39. Olga A (store manager)

    This is a great set.

  40. Xylona L (store manager)

    I have only been able to pull off the least glamorous of the three as the others just dont look natural to me, but I love them and plan on getting more of the more natural ones soon

  41. Lilian P (store manager)

    I love these lashes I can wear them and now my 80 year old mother is wearing them ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. Jemma P (store manager)

    Customer service is fantastic!

  43. Leslie T. (store manager)

    I truly cannot put into words how outstanding these lashes are. I will never go back to wearing glue on lashes again. Everything about these lashes was easy from start to finish – from application to removal. My fiance couldn’t believe that they were magnetized!

  44. Asia H. (store manager)

    I love the lashes I bought! They’re so easy to put on and they stay on all day and into the night. I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t had good luck with other lashes!

  45. Christine L. (store manager)

    This is my favorite kit, the lashes are good for during the day and at night. I’ll definitely be purchasing more. I highly recommend reading their tips and watching videos if you’re a first time user. Since I’m a busy working mom this really helps me feel good about myself so it helps that it takes 5 minutes to apply.

  46. Tracey B (store manager)

    I love the leashes, but the liner was dry when I got it. So I will have to get another one.

  47. Tatiana S. (store manager)

    Very good pack. Needs a bit of a fix for each lash, but overall I liked the lashes.

  48. Barbara S. (store manager)

    Very comfortable

  49. Trysta F. (store manager)

    These are amazing, just hard to find out the exact ones I want. I like the love lashes

  50. Janita B (store manager)

    Pretty easy to apply and much better than glue or other magnetic lashes. The liner helps big time. Love the #love line so far the most

  51. Lilya R. (store manager)

    As a first time user of any lashes, it is very comfortable to have them all day and very easy to use.

  52. Julia T (store manager)

    So cute and comfy ! Definitely fool proof you can’t go wrong . I went with a bundle giving me a few options , after the first try I was hooked ! I went from wearing no lashes to wearing them daily ! They are my obsession now They look great ! You will love results!

  53. Wendy S (store manager)

    I love Glow and it only takes seconds to apply. No irritating glue or red burning eyes or removal from sweat! Glow is simply the best!

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