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Glow Palette contains 15 shades. These soft formulas glide on effortlessly and deliver a highly pigmented color payoff.


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Glow Palette contains 15 shades. These soft formulas glide on effortlessly and deliver a highly pigmented color payoff.

56 reviews for Glow Palette

  1. Antonio Levine

    Country: AU

    great product, am happy with service

  2. Della Drew

    Country: MK

    I did this look using only the pallet! I absolutely will buy this again and will recommend it to others

  3. Steph (store manager)

    Awesome pallette!
    Love the colors and how well it stays on for the whole day.

  4. Gia (store manager)

    Beautiful eye shadow palette.

  5. Natasha (store manager)

    I love these colour choices for a bright summer day or an every day wear!

  6. Sylwia (store manager)

    The best thing from the collection. Easy to blend and nice colours. Definitely recommend

  7. Deborah (store manager)

    I used my palette for the first time yesterday an I love it the colors glide on so silky an blend perfectly.

  8. Simone (store manager)

    Love it, like Usual. Just amazing quality & colors. Want to buy another of the same thing.

  9. Hailey (store manager)

    Very pigmented. I recommend it worth it

  10. victoria (store manager)

    It’s an absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous palate !!! definitely worth it

  11. Leydi M (store manager)

    In love
    Love the products ! The eyeshadow palette is amazing!

  12. Lisette (store manager)

    This color palette pops the colors are amazing the lip gloss is the beautiful so happy I grabbed it before they sell out

  13. Leanne (store manager)

    absolutely love this pallete. love that these are all colors i can use too! i’m into the nude colors and this is what i needed! the shimmers are very subtle so i have to pack it on but other than that it’s very nice and blends nicely

  14. Liesa (store manager)

    Good nice colors and glitters, attaches well to the eyelid

  15. LeoLover (store manager)

    So beautiful and the quality is amazing. I was skeptical but it’s so worth it ♌️

  16. Kaitlin (store manager)

    Beautiful palette
    Great pigmentation, the colors are beautiful and easy to blend

  17. Happy in New Mexico (store manager)

    Stunning palette
    Absolutely gorgeous palette love all of the colours and can’t to creat some gorgeous eye looks

  18. Angie marie (store manager)

    You Definitely Want to Own This
    Pigment is vibrant and applies easily. Buildable and very long lasting. Everything you could want in your eyeshadow palette

  19. Lauren (store manager)

    So pigmented and glowy
    These colors are soooo pigmented and glowy! I love the golden vibe it brings to my eyes! Just love them!

  20. Ximena (store manager)

    This is such a gorgeous palette and the shadows blend so well. the shimmer shades are stunning and layer very well on the lid!

  21. Emma D (store manager)

    Just so beautiful all the the colors pigments are stunning

  22. Jazmyn (store manager)

    Beautiful colors and packaged beautifully! Love that it’s all vegan and cruelty free also.

  23. Cryssy (store manager)

    It’s beautiful the colors are amazing if you love eart tones and golds this is is

  24. Cyan (store manager)

    Beautiful colors that are great for everyday outfits and for going out! Blends and builds easily.

  25. Lex (store manager)

    this palette is the most stunning thing i have ever seen, my jaw DROPPED when i opened it. GET IT

  26. Patty G (store manager)

    I love this palette it’s become one of my favorites palettes. The pigmentation in the shades especially the glitter ones is amazing. Highly recommend this palette definitely buying another one.

  27. Kemmy (store manager)

    Beautiful palette and the pigment is awesome. Colors are nice and shimmery. Long lasting wear.

  28. Myla (store manager)

    Love it!!! The colours are Stunning!! Can’t wait to use it more ❤️

  29. LizzygurlRN (store manager)

    Amazing product advertised just as is!!! I’m glowing!

  30. Dreamhigh (store manager)

    In love with this palette, beyond the best of all . I Can’t wait for more like this one .

  31. Maribel (store manager)

    I love all the colors, the glitter eyeliner, all over gloss!

  32. Kristen (store manager)

    Very pigmented and soft application. Absolutely love this palette!!!

  33. Nelly (store manager)

    The colors are amazing and the product is so well made!

  34. Lexie (store manager)

    The colors in this palette are amazing. They are so pigmented and you can mix all the shades together to make beautiful eye looks!

  35. Arkia (store manager)

    My palette was damaged but I love the colors and the amazing details

  36. Cece (store manager)

    The most wonderful pallet I have ever owned all the colors so in love, btw my favorite color Gold.

  37. Sonja (store manager)

    Beautiful colors, packing is just beautiful also, and the timing on receiving my pallet was good.

  38. Savannah G (store manager)

    Love the shades their so pigmented and the whole pallete is my type of colors ✨

  39. Jax (store manager)

    This palette is amazing!! The pigmentation is so much better than the other formula!

  40. Katie (store manager)

    The palette is stunning and the shadows apply like butter!
    Will repurchase or possibly gift to a friend 🙂

  41. Evie (store manager)

    A gorgeous palette!
    Beautiful colors! Very bendable!
    Highly recommend!

  42. Deb (store manager)

    Colors are gorgeous!! Shimmers are super pigmented! Obsessed.

  43. Rosie (store manager)

    One of the best palette ever so pigment high shine Gorgeous coulours for any ocassion big thumbs up thank you

  44. SAndra (store manager)

    I love all of the pigments!! My daughter is just getting into wanting to wear makeup and the these are perfect for a natural look.

  45. Makenna (store manager)

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful cute love love love

  46. Caroling (store manager)

    Amazing quality! Could tell the difference in this new formula, feels amazing!

  47. Nataly (store manager)

    Colors are beautiful and the eye shadow goes on very smoothly

  48. Sara Katherine (store manager)

    Great Worth It, Would buy from again, fast shipping, great deals

  49. Giannah (store manager)

    This palette has great pigment, perfect color shine

  50. Leah (store manager)

    This eye pallet is my absolute favorite so far! The colors are amazing!

  51. Lupita (store manager)

    It’s super easy to blend and they colors are. Beautiful!!!!

  52. Ashlei (store manager)

    I am OBSESSED with this palette !!!! So cute and sparkly. Mixing new combinations all the time !!!!

  53. Hannah Paige (store manager)

    These colors are beautiful! Highly pigmented!!!!!!

  54. Mayssiel (store manager)

    Beyond and above the best eyeshadow palette ever never had one of her pallets before but Completely obsessed:)

  55. Kat (store manager)

    AMAZING. Pigmentation is immaculate! . I love it great purchase.

  56. Rocio (store manager)

    This palette is amazing! I absolutely love the variety of finishes, the glitters, mattes, shimmers & metallics! Super pigmented but also is super blendable! i love creating different looks with this palette!

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